Photo report: pioneering work in Turkmenistan for 努尔梅

正规网赌十大排行 became acquainted 与 the Turkmenistan poultry sector: 努尔梅 invited us to equip its broiler breeder houses. How did we approach the automation and 生物安全? 看到这些照片.


正规网赌十大排行’s systems are used the world over. However, there are still some countries that are uncharted territory for us. Turkmenistan is a prime example. In 2019, 努尔梅 from Bereket contacted our Area Sales Manager. The holding company wanted to install yellow feeder pans in their new poultry houses 对肉鸡育种者. Even though there is no 正规网赌十大排行 distributor in Turkmenistan, it was clear to 努尔梅 that 正规网赌十大排行 is the best choice on the market for quality feeding systems. 

In one year, 努尔梅 started 6 poultry sites: 2 for rearing broiler breeders and 4 for the production phase. There are 12 houses in total. The collaboration 与 正规网赌十大排行 eventually went much further than just installing feeder pans. Also thanks to the support of our Turkish distributor Netisi, we were able to realize this project.

这 photo report shows how 努尔梅 approaches its automation and 生物安全

Biosecurity 1: feed delivery and storage

The broiler breeders stay on site for around 64 weeks. It is therefore crucial to do everything possible to prevent diseases and epidemics. To limit the risk of infection, trucks deliver the feed at the edge of the site. A Flex-Auger™ feed transport system transfers the feed to inside the company fences 和充满 饲料箱

Biosecurity 2: connection 与 the batch weigher

正规网赌十大排行放置一个 电子配料秤 between the feed storage bins and the day bins. 这 device weighs and records the feed, and sends a batch to a specific house.

Biosecurity 3: overhead feed transport

All feed is transported through tubes 与 a moving auger inside. 这 Flex-Auger™ transport system was installed throughout the company because it can handle a large capacity of 10 400 kg feed per hour. 

The summers in Turkmenistan can be very hot, yet the winters can be very cold. The Novicor tubes can easily handle these large temperature fluctuations.

Biosecurity 4: computer controls feed process

与一个 iQon™饲料电脑 per site, 努尔梅 organizes the 整个提要的过程. iQon knows what type of food you have, where it is stored and where it needs to go. 

The administrator of the poultry site can always view the current status and can stay on top of things 与 his 智能手机

Feed computer: planning and animal management

With iQon, the administrator of the site can precisely set:

  • when the day bins at the houses are filled 
  • 当动物被喂食的时候
  • when a new order of feed is required
Feed computer: accurate composition, dosing and mixing

努尔梅 进口饲料曲线iQon饲料电脑. 这些都是 详细的进料计划 对肉鸡育种者. With this data, the feed composition and quantity is gradually and automatically adapted. 

这 meant that 努尔梅 could follow the advice of breeding companies 与out wasting any time.

Rearing houses: feeder pan for the first eighteen weeks

The day-old chicks discover their new home 与 a Vitoo™饲喂系统, specially designed for rearing broiler breeders. 

The water is always fresh and clean due to the closed drinking system, Swii’Flo®. 水的压力, flushing and height of the lines can be adjusted by one person, 与 no assistance required.

Production houses: feed males and females separately

In the production houses, they feed the males and females separately. Females are given feed using the KiXoo®饲喂系统. 正规网赌十大排行 installed three circuits: 2 on the outside of the house and 1 on the grills of the nests. 

The males are given a specific composition of feed in a special pan 与 a high feed window = the Boozzter™馈线锅自然喙平滑. When the chickens eat, their beaks rub against the rough texture of the pan bottom. 这 controls the growth of their beaks in a natural way. As a result, the males develop well formed beaks.

At the center of the house is the Koozii®组窝, which guarantees the comfort and welfare of the animals and very careful handling of the eggs.

The 正规网赌十大排行 team enjoyed sharing its knowledge 与 努尔梅 in Turkmenistan. We wish them all the best 与 this new broiler breeder project. We also thank our distributor Netisi for their efforts in this project.

Do you have plans for a new poultry company? Or do you want to modernize your house equipment? 联系 正规网赌十大排行 and its distributors for advice on the set-up of your houses.