Discaflex™ feed transport


Discaflex feed transport for all types of pig feed

Discaflex™是一个 交通系统 for creating extensive circuits with many bends in your house. Many pig farmers use them in their farrowing houses to provide individual farrowing pens with feed. The Discaflex system goes from pen to pen and fills each dispenser with the pig feed of your choice. It is a solution tailored to your house and needs.

The Discaflex circuit also transports feed to the feeding points more quickly. The unique shape of the chain carries the feed more effectively, meaning it can reach its destination more smoothly. 

Durable chain system for a complex feed circuit with many bends

Features of the Discaflex feed 交通系统 

Feed transport for specific uses 

capacity tailored to the use

you can transport a volume of 1100 kg per hour (2425 lb). For this reason, Discaflex is often used in sow houses. The number of animals in these spaces is limited and the feed capacity of Discaflex is perfect for this.


Discaflex transports your feed in a circuit from point A, back to point A. If you are looking for a linear system — from point A to B — we recommend Flex-Auger.



the transport tubes are made of galvanized metal or stainless steel. For the bends, we use corner wheels made of nylon. They have a reputation for being the strongest on the market. The corner wheels create the flexibility in the Discaflex system. The wheels are robust, fully watertight and leak-free. Even if they are installed outside, the corner wheels are resistant to UV light and extreme temperature changes.

Long lifespan with little maintenance 

chain system adjusts itself

the chain that is pulled through the tubes is very strong. 正规网赌十大排行 has constructed it using a special steel alloy. Generally speaking, chains in 链系统 will gradually stretch over time. 然而, the drive system in Discaflex can compensate for this extra length (up to 35 cm), without you having to remove any links and without a reduction in performance. 

Want to find out more about Discaflex feed transport ? Download the specifications or see our news section and our references.



How a 正规网赌十大排行 overhead system can benefit you

正规网赌十大排行 has three solutions that can significantly improve your 生物安全. They handle the feed transport at the site and allow deliveries of feed to be made outside the walls of the company. 


Interested in the product specifications?

Download a handy overview with technical information.

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